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It leaves and naturally arrives in the small town in the valley, located on the right bank of the Tagliamento, small but not devoid of cultural interests. The “Preone 200 million years” museum which contains fossil finds of great interest such as Megalancosaurus preonensis or the pterosaur Preondactyulus buffarini, is one of these and to complete it all the “Stavoli Lunas” educational trail. But this route is particularly characterized by nature, of the 4 routes it is the one with the most dirt road to tackle (forest road) (for those who are not prepared there is always the state road - descent from Sella Chiaunzutan) but it is also the one with the beautiful Arzino waterfalls and the splendid Chiampon Valley repay the effort of the climbs. (it's the one with the most climb)



38 km 896 meters

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We start from the Town Hall of the small Carnic centre, after a few kilometers of ups and downs we arrive at the truly challenging climb (2km at 12%), which leads to the long slight slope of the Chiampon Valley. Then everything becomes much easier, with views and places of particular beauty, to discover "forgotten" villages and then go back to discover the marble and Verzegnis.

( recommended for those who use e-mtb )

This route also has "variations" of terrain. For those who love dirt roads, there is a stretch but not an easy one on uneven and stony terrain. For this purpose we have also included those with variants among the GPXs.  

Along the way you can visit or observe

(touch and you will find short descriptions)



Villa Santina

“Preone 200 million years” Museum

“Stavoli Lunas” Paleontological Trail

Arzino waterfalls

Art Park Marzona

Verzegnis Lake

Open-air museum of Verzegnis red marble

Madonna del Ponte (Invillino)

Villa lakes and pine forest

The road to the Plera waterfall is unfortunately closed due to a landslide

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