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Carnia Cycling Tour


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Carnia Cycling Tour

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Carnia Cycling Tour

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Carnia Cycling Tour is a package of 4 medium-difficulty cycling routes, designed and created to introduce the cyclist to the territory, nature, history and culture of Carnia.

4 routes, to be tackled in the period from

May 15th to October 15th

set up with the formula of the collection of stamps (2 for each route) which in the end will entitle you to a souvenir prize (typical local products).

4 tours, with an average distance of 50 km and 900 meters in altitude , to be tackled by eBike or classic mtb (with a little more training), and which along their route, meet points of natural, historical, culture to visit and admire, indicated in the paths and with brief informative descriptions. Waterfalls, fossils, museums, churches and historical memories are not lacking and differ in all 4 routes. Along the bicycle routes, in particular points, you also come across the stamp posts, which can be easily rediscounted (geo location and mileage) characterized by the Carnia Cycling Tour logo

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How does it work

In order to take on the Carnia Cycling Tour, you will need to purchase a kit (30€), where you will receive everything you need to ride it in peace. After the purchase, you will be able to download all 4 GPX of the bicycle routes, to be used with the application on your mobile phone or with the cycle computer you are using, follow the CCT signs and logos, drawn on the route at the critical points. which do not indicate the direction, but only that you are on the right track, as CCT can be traveled clockwise or counterclockwise, at your choice.
The KIT can be purchased on the website and collected at the participating tourist offices, or at the PromoturismoFVG infopoints. (The list is sent by mail at the time of purchase, so you can choose the one closest to you). PAY ATTENTION TO THE OPENING HOURS OF THE PROMOTURISMO FVG INFO POINTS. THE TIMETABLES ON THE WEBSITE WWW.TURISMOFVG.IT ARE CONSTANTLY UPDATED
Now it's up to you to decide how to face the Carnia Cycling Tour, if only as beautiful rides on the roads of Carnia (3h / 3.30 of route) or whether to face it also as a path to observe and learn more about not only the roads and nature of Carnia but also its history and culture (5h-6.00).

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For the tour to become a pleasant experience in the mountains of Carnia, we recommend a few tricks:

1. Plan your outing well, especially calculate the times to be able to visit the points of interest indicated, and study carefully the place to stop for a lunch break, as well as to recharge the assisted bike if necessary.

2. Remember that you are always in a mountain area and the weather varies quickly especially in the afternoon, always bring with you clothing to shelter from the rain and look for shelter if necessary.

3. Prepare all the equipment for any punctures, the tours are almost entirely on asphalt, but a puncture is always lurking.

4. If you are alone, remember to advise where you will go and which tour you are doing and perhaps at times where you are.

5. Strictly respect the highway code, we have tried to think of the tours on state, provincial and municipal roads with little traffic, but despite this there is a danger.

Since there are points of interest to visit along the routes, you will find bike stands at the sites, but to avoid not being able to lock your bike, we recommend that you bring a padlock with a chain.

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