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Carnia Cycling Tour


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33028 Tolmezzo (Ud)


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Carnia Cycling Tour


Distance 43KM

Altitude 951 m


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‚ÄčIt starts from the center of the village of Preone, to head towards the nearby town of Enemonzo, go to the flying area and then head towards the beautiful pine forest and the beautiful lakes of Villa Santina to observe mallards and other birdlife in the summer. You pedal towards the church of Madonna del Ponte d'Invillino , having visited the church and taking the opportunity to stock up on water, you start to face the climb that leads to the hamlet of Villa di Verzegnis, not before having gone to the nearby and beautiful waterfall Plera . (in the area you can also come across other particular points of cultural interest to visit, these points are included in the path called Tolmezzo, you can still visit them of course at your leisure)

Once you have reached the hamlet of Villa, you move to that of Chiaicis di Verzegnis in an almost entirely flat route, however now the real climb begins (7 km average gradient 7%) of Sella Chianzutan, a series of bends and hairpin bends, half of which in the shade of the beech trees and in the open at the end. Once at the saddle, you can visit the open-air museum of the quarry of the famous Verzegnis red marble and with a short detour (short but with a certain slope) also the arrival of the old cable car of the quarry called "Lissa" and the Mongranda hut with its typical products and dishes.

The time has now come to descend for 4.5 km, take the Val di Preone, where after 2 km, you can meet the splendid Arzino waterfalls . Pedaling flat along the valley, you reach the stamp point of Chiampon and then descend along the steep descent towards Preone to stop, not far from the village and walk if desired, but only on foot), the Paleontological path "Stavoli Lunas" of Preone (geopark) a taste, before visiting the Preone museum "200 million years" where the extremely rare Pterosaur fossil is found

(Preondactylus buffarinii).


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Stamp points:

Villa of Verzegnis

Champon saddle


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