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Carnia Cycling Tour


The Orange Line

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Carnia Cycling Tour


Percorso km 48.7

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We find ourselves in the capital of Carnia, Tolmezzo, from here we can start the tour by visiting the Carnic Museum of Folk Arts (the museum can also be visited at the end of the tour, according to one's own schedule), once the visit is over we straddle the bike and head for the locality of Pra castello (if you wish with a short climb on foot you can also reach the Picotta Tower), where there are the remains of the castelliere that overlooked the town, resume pedaling toward the conoid of 'Amariana with its Rivoli Bianchi route (on foot only) among lunar panoramas. Off we go now to the town of Verzegnis, made up of several hamlets, but first we stop to take an outside look at Villa Linussio and its chapel, begin to climb in altitude, with an intense but not demanding climb to the artificial lake of Verzegnis origin in the hamlet of Chiacis, and then descend again to Villa di Verzegnis and the Art Park Marzona, having seen the open-air exhibition, we head to Col di Zuca (Cuel di Cjuce) and the remains of the early Christian basilica. A stop in the relaxing area of the small lakes of Villa Santina and then move into the hundred of the hamlet of Invillino to visit the nearby Pieve di S.Maria Maddalena.

 The FVG6 cycle route now takes us, skirting Tolmezzo to the village of Zuglio (Iuliun Carnicum) in its remains of the Roman forum and the Iulium Carnicum Archaeological Museum. (For those who want to put in a little extra effort, there is the possibility of visiting the Pieve matrice di San Pietro in Carnia, located just above the 'village of Zuglio, to be reached by a challenging climb). All that remains is to return to again to Tolmezzo, to close the route, again along the FVG6 cycle route.

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Villa of Verzegnis
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